Rasmus Thomsen, Chief Advisor, The Danish Sovereign Investment Fund

Rasmus Thomsen
Chief Advisor,  The Danish Sovereign Investment Fund

The Danish Sovereign Investment Fund (Vækstfonden) will merge with the EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF) and become Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund, works in close collaboration with banks and domestic and international private investors across stages, instruments, and sectors to discover and develop the companies that Denmark cannot afford to miss out on. Rasmus has worked continuously with making the fund relevant for society and market, including being responsible for several investment partnerships, strategic investments, and the strategic development of the Fund into new markets. This development includes the expansion of Vækstfonden and EKF with the DKK 25bn Danish Green Future Fund to drive the green transition in Denmark and globally while ensuring Denmark’s position as a green powerhouse; DKK 4bn to expand Vækstfonden into the Growth Capital market, several investment partnerships to name a few. Lastly, Rasmus work has focused on the Fund’s role within bolstering Denmark’s security and robustness in a changing global world. This includes strengthening the Danish ecosystem for emerging and disruptive technologies and companies that provides solutions in the intersection between commercial market, defense, and security. For instance, Rasmus is member of the Limited Partner Advisory Committee in the NATO Innovation Fund on behalf of Vækstfonden who are responsible for the Danish Governments investment into the €1bn multilateral venture fund to bolster the Alliances technological edge.

Rasmus is a former government official from the two leading economic ministries in Denmark and has as a diplomat negotiated, among others, a wide range of EU economic policy and investment instruments