EU KETs4Dual-Use 1.0 (2018-2020)

Project description


The key security threats in Europe have changed dramatically over the last two decades and the dividing lines between the civil and defence sectors are becoming less clear cut than before.

The security and defence industries are increasingly becoming more dependent on technologies with a civilian origin – so called dual-use products.

Many of these dual-use technologies are developed and manufactured by Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with difficulties breaching the barriers in order to enter markets in countries outside the European Union (EU).


The project focuses on SMEs working with Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) – which can be used for multiple applications and are a real assets for the security/defence industry – within the field of photonics, micro- & nano-technologies and software and related applications.

The consortium partners collectively have over 200 members with various competencies in the field of dual-use technologies and related applications.


1.Selection of the most promising dual-use market segments for KETs cross-fertilization – based upon input from the consortium partners over 200 members;

2.Identification and validation of targeted third (non-EU) countries – Where is the highest market potential in North America, Middle East and Asia?

3.Trailblazing the KETs dual-use markets beyond the EU – exploratory visits to selected third countries to confirm the market potential & viability of future cooperation with local peers;

4.Forming a sustainable partnership – collaborating with a long-term perspective as the defence sector is known to have long development cycles.