Thomas S. Jensen Senior Vice President, Satellite Communication, Gatehouse

GateHouse Group 

For more than 20 years GateHouse SatCom has provided the
satellite communications industry with a range of marketleading data communication software solutions for commercial, governmental and military communication use. Our main
areas of experience are satellite communication protocol
stacks, frameworks, waveform components and test tools for
advanced satellite communication.

Historically satellite systems have been proprietary
systems and for the few. In the future satellite
systems will be made available to the regular end user and this is made possible through
standardization as the terrestrial networks will merge
with space. This presentation will discuss this
evolution and how the NB-IoT technology is brought
into space.

Thomas has worked more than
10 years at GateHouse and has a deep knowledge of
SatCom, particularly satellite waveforms and test
tools. Thomas holds a M.Sc.E.E. from Aalborg
University. GateHouse SatCom has a long history with
different satellite systems and the latest edition to
this portfolio is 5G Narrow-Band IoT.